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K-Tek offers a variety of assembly operations ranging from simple bench assemblies to complex robotic assembly operations.  We tailor our processes to fit whether it’s specially designed work cells or full-run production lines.  To meet your fastening requirements K-Tek offers unlimited options in joining techniques including all types of welding, riveting, staking, and bonding.   In addition to our extensive precision metal assemblies and process capabilities K-Tek can provide design assistance with chassis and enclosures that will meet your exacting specifications.  We are committed to solving all of your manufacturing needs accurately and economically.

Baldwin, WI
K-Tek Wisconsin
750 Vandeberg Street
Baldwin, WI  54002
Phone (715) 684-3033
Fax (715) 684-3050


Charlotte, NC
K-Tek Carolina
10240 Industrial Drive
Charlotte, NC  28134
Phone (704) 554-5657
Fax (704) 554-1866